Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you SIRIUS?

Okay, so perhaps I'm behind the times. I'm just not savvy on the techno stuff these days. All these iGadgets and such are beyond me, and honestly, I have no interest in them. BUT, I gotta tell ya....after a desperate search of something decent to watch on TV the other day, finding NOTHING, surfing past the movie channels and pay-per-view channels, out comes the SIRIUS satellite radio stations. My favorite...Sirius KidsStuff. I had no idea! Sure, there's nothing to "see" on this channel, but I confess, I can sing along to MANY of the songs they play. Songs by kid artists, like Dan Zane, Laurie Berkner, They Might Be Giants, etc. Songs are also played from the kids' favorite shows, like Dora, The Wiggles, Bob the Builder, WonderPets, etc. It's awesome!

What do Dominic and Donovan think? ...who cares? Nah, really, they love to dance around to the songs they recognize. We have now eliminated the battles of "what are we going to watch".....and replaced that with "NOTHING! We're going to listen!". We've even created a little game out of it. While sitting down for dinner, we play Name That Tune and see who can figure out the song that gets played first!

BONUS....around "wind down" time for the boys, they play stuff for us parents. Remember Schoolhouse Rock, Speed Racer, Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Magoo, The Banana Splits and more? I find myself looking at the screen to see what theme song they're playing sometimes. Perhaps some of it is OLDER than me? Definitely a blast from the past feeling.

Anyway, just thought I'd rave about my discovery. Now everyone can sit back and laugh at my "out of tuneness" to today's latest "in" thing. I never knew!

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