Thursday, March 27, 2008

Duck, duck, duck....GOOSE!!!

Before taking the boys to Fairytale Town today, we stopped to grab some lunch and sat at the park to attempt to consume it. It seems we had these fine-feathered friends immediately desperate for a piece of bread, french fry or human ankle!! Yep, Grandma and Papa BOTH got goosed! It wasn't a quiet, sit down lunch at all. In fact, between the honking, quacking and Donovan wailing in fear, it was the opposite.

So after our quickly consumed lunch, off we went to Fairytale Town, where the boys haven't been during the day (we've only been there during the Halloween Trick-or-Treat nights they've had). What a difference it is during the day where I can SEE my kids running rampid!!

My 21 measly pictures had NOTHING on Grandma Gertie's 156. She did awesome, while I only attempted a few shots between juggling the kids up and down structures, etc. Here are some favorite pictures, then a slideshow of our day:

This squirrel's "happy meal" was this french fry!

Donovan was NOT so happy to be
surrounded by the honkers.

Strike a pose!

Please, no autographs on this modeled pose...

Okay, so Humpty Dumpty looks more like a mascot for
Ball Park Franks,
but Donovan excitedly ran up to
him saying "Hi Dumty, Hi Dumty"
while waving
his hand. Too funny!

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