Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Road to Monticello...

We took a drive today out to Monticello Dam. Rudy's been wanting to go, thinking there'd be plenty of water going down the "glory hole" to see. The water was far from being able to spill down into the 72-foot diameter structure. I suppose it's neat to see the "before" he's certain to take another trip in a few months to see it once all the snow melt has allowed enough water to run down it!

Isn't this exciting?

Okay, so this was fun!

Here she is... the hole in all her glory!

Yep, it's like one big bathtub drain.

Sure, he's content with beef jerky for now... Turkey!

We then wasted the rest of our day at the Vacaville Outlets (I think Rudy has this evil plan to make me walk more and get Devin here sooner). The boys got some new shoes, whether they needed them or not. I got NOTHING! It's usually that way. I HATE shopping, and with family in tow, it's worse. After a few hours there, the drive home was horrid. Dominic was content with his new Etch-a-Sketch that we got him at the toy store, while Donovan drove us batty the ENTIRE ride home. He does not stop talking (mostly asking questions) and is not satisfied with the answer given to him. So after coming down from his Jelly Belly sugar high, all we heard from him was:
  • Mom, we go to the park?
  • Mom, we go to church?
  • Mom, I don't wanna go home!
  • Mom, we go to Sharon's? (daycare)
Yes, the church question was rather strange. What 2-year old asks to go to church? I had to repeatedly tell him that church was closed and that we'll go in the morning. He, of course, didn't like that answer. He continued to ask...I began to ignore him hoping he'd quit pestering, but then he'd ask Rudy , "Dad, where's Mommy?". I couldn't hide, but couldn't help but laugh either.

Once we got home, Donovan was dissatisfied with the location of course, and began with:

Tantrum #1: Refusing to get out of the car, I had to pull him out myself, and that led to a meltdown.
Tantrum #2: Refusal to take a bath; to make a decision to have bubbles in it or not; and refusal to get undressed for it!

We immediately got into our bedtime routine, finished his 3 books (yikes!) and he FINALLY settled down to sleep.

I'm hoping my morning wake-up call is not Donovan, like it was this morning. I'd rather wake him up!


Kristie said...

Hey that sounds like a great trip... I need to go shopping too.. but everything I go... I get nothing and the kids always stock up.

Ben is working on his car today, so I'm chasing the girls around. I'm thinking a trip to the park sounds like a great idea... cept I haven't gotten to shower yet.. Everyone else is sparkling clean...

Hope DJ was happy to wake up early and go to church this morning. We haven't gone in awhile... We started off the year great.. and someone fallen off the horse...

the girls are yelling so I have to go

LoveBugZ said...

I think it sounded wonderful! I can't wait to read when you find time to blog about the baby!!