Saturday, March 22, 2008

I heart my job!

...most of the time. I love my job, mainly for the people I work with day to day and it gives me satisfaction to know how appreciative I am in my position. There are certainly days where I cringe at the thought of going in, but it's a rare occasion. This past week was only slightly difficult for me. I have hopefully successfully trained a "temporary" to do my duties while I'm away on Maternity Leave. Given the fact that it was Spring Break for most families, the work load was quite minimal, and the Project Manager that handles 4 of our projects took 3 days off, thus making MY work load VERY minimal. Sure, it was easier to train the temp without so many interruptions, but now I fear next week will be a whirlwind and the office will be moving full speed ahead. I am now officially off work and Baby Devin is now allowed to give me grief while I'm at home (which is nothing new). I'm glad to be home though, as this labor stuff is so unpredictable. I've got TONS to do before Devin arrives, but have no desire to do it of course. I so need that "nesting instinct" to kick in.

Dominic has Spring Break this week and we will be able to buddy around a bit before his little brother arrives, interrupting any time I usually have with Dominic. I have a couple days of fun planned if the weather, my pocket book and the cooperative kid allows.

For my last day at work, the girls (it's always the girls) put together a breakroom table full of good eats for me. Thank goodness the Glucose Test has been passed! In traveling around the office, I made sure to take the long way around just to sneak by the table to "graze". Ahhh, yum yum goodness!

The office all signed a card for me, which I chose to open toward the end of the day since I don't do well with emotional goodbyes. Everyone had so many nice things to say. It was a "Good Friday" for sure.

My favorite entries,
signed by The Boss and The Office Dog.

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Kristie said...

Very Cool - glad to know you will have a little while to get Devin's room ready before the big day. We are all looking forward to welcoming the lil man.