Friday, March 14, 2008


Do you see where this post is going?

Yesterday's doctor appointment has left me feeling perturbed, perplexed, stumped, angry, disturbed, frustrated, pissed off, dumbfounded, heartbroken, confused, speechless and robbed.

Being just under 36 weeks (according to my records at the office, AND depends on WHICH Doctor I see) I was scheduled for the Group B Strep test and an ultrasound to see how Mr. Devin is currently positioned. (hear my sigh?) We skipped out on the Strep test because of the antibiotics I'm currently on may have an influence on the results of the test. We will do this test at next week's appointment when I'll be clean of the antibiotics at that point and will still be within the time frame that this test is normally performed.

Checking Mr. Devin's position was still looked at. Needless to say, he's NOT where we'd like him to be at this point. If he's determined, he will flip to where he's supposed to be. BUT if he's anything like his brother Donovan, he's most likely content in the current position. Me, on the other hand, am not favoring the discomfort.

This appointment was anything but "routine", and I left the office with many questions unanswered. Apparently, getting out of the office was on my mind more than knowing exactly HOW Mr. Devin is doing.

  • What is Devin's approximate weight now?
  • How is my belly measuring in relation to gestational age?
  • The heartbeat: A very routine doppler check for baby's heart rate. It's usually a comforting sound to hear. It wasn't performed during this appointment.
  • Is Devin STILL a Devin? Really, while we were looking at the ultrasound anyway, why didn't I ask for a sneak peak of gender verification? Why?

Provided nothing "pops" before then, my next appointment will be next Thursday. I hope to cover the "unanswered" above, have the Strep B test performed and check Devin's position once again (in case by some small miracle he has found which way is OUT!) If Devin's arrival will be by C-section, then the Strep B test results are pointless. I will not be taking any extra measures to force Devin to turn, due to the risks involved.

Send us some healthy baby and healthy mommy vibes!


Scott and Danielle said...

BLAGH! Sorry to hear about your "wrong way" boy! I'm definitely sending some positive vibes your way. Here's hoping your next appointment goes better and that you get all your unanswered questions answered! I did *sort of* the same thing at my last two appointments - I forgot to bring my disability paperwork with me BOTH times?! (Who forgets stuff like that? HELLO - I'd like to get paid thankyouverymuch!) Anyhow, it eventually got taken care of and hopefully you will too! =)

Oh and I'm still pregnant! 6 days to go until this little man gets an eviction notice!

~ Danielle

LoveBugZ said...

I prayed for you on my blog. I am sorry. Matthew was breach and I sad/scared since he was my first! I know this is MUCH different but my thoughts are with you.