Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Great Day to Play

It was a great day at Safetyville USA! (If you're new to this little town, visit the post I did sometime in June). The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.

Donovan's guests included all of his cousins, Aunts, Uncles and one friend... yep, just the one. Betcha couldn't figure him out! Grandma and Papa Avila were able to bring Peyton and Sydney, since Bianca was away for the weekend in a Soccer Tournament. We missed them and hope The Rage did well. Grandma and Papa Gertie got Donovan a scooter and helmet, which he wouldn't take off for the rest of the day.

I thought I'd be up all night gathering photos and coming up with a slideshow of all the fun we had. As it turns out, Grandma Gertie already did that for me! After a few editions, here's what the final result was:

Click to play Donovan's 3rd Birthday

It's been a rather quick summer for me, it seems, and I'm pretty much party-pooped out. Who's next? I'll be sure to sit back and relax for their party.

P.S. Leave a comment to let Grandma Gertie know what a WONDERFUL display of photos she had taken for Donovan's special day! She gets all the credit!


Kristie said...


Kristie said...

Great party, we wished we could have been there for it. And the Rage took 3rd place in the tournament.

happy birthday Donovan - we love you

Charity Donovan said...

Such cute photos!!! Have to tell you...we were at Aidan's Kindergarten Orientation & there is a Donovan in his class. Aidan was like "Hey! That's my name too!" I instantly thought of your little guy! Yay for blogging!

Charity Donovan said...

What do you mean by "no reply status?" I love learning new things that I'm missing! OMG! They spelled his name wrong. I would have been furious! I don't have so many problems with our last name but Aidan's name gets spelled AidEn all the time & it makes me crazy. Even his teacher had it spelled wrong the other day! Our way is the traditional way of spelling it. Now I'm learning that the entire world cannot spell Meredith either! Fun times! lol! The only thing about our Donovan is that my husband's family pronounces in DUN-OH-VIN, instead of DON-OH-VIN (His grandparents came over from Ireland - 1st generation Irish folk.) I've actually been corrected by a stranger on how to pronounce my own last name! People are amazing! lo1!

jag said...

What a great page you have set up. It is soooo cute. Sounds like the party was loads of fun.

LoveBugZ said...

Pictures are wonderful as normal!!!