Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Mayhem: Back to School!

So far, so good. I managed to get Dominic fed and dressed for school; Donovan dressed and pottied; and Devin diaper-changed and dressed. Then myself dressed and ready to be Taxi Mom (...with camera in hand for First Day of School photos). I'm happy to report there were no flaws in the system and we met our destinations on time. Tomorrow, however, is another day.

Okay, so tonight was a different ball game. Rudy assists with coaching Dominic's soccer team and had practice tonight; Donovan goes along for the pure enjoyment of "playing" with his brother. With the boys not getting home until 7:30 pm, they were lucky to scarf down dinner, bathe and ready for bed and make it for story-reading by 9:00 pm. THAT's one hour longer than I had hoped. I pray we'll somehow get our evening routine down with as little fuss as possible. I think it was 9:15 pm when I finally put the dogs' bowls out for their dinner. They're not liking this schedule change.

First Day of School
and another day at daycare

(bad mommy moment: I left Devin in the car
and didn't include him in any pictures.)

Present: Weedeater Watcher

Future: CSI Detective???


Joan said...

Yay for you. I am wondering how things are going to go for me Monday having to do the same, minus one less child, while getting off of work at 1AM? Andrew starts at 8:20. I am already yawning..

Lovin Donovan's glasses or goggles ? lol

LoveBugZ said...

I can sympathize with your doggies as my poor Bosco has realized the same eating schedule as yours since school started!!! Donovan is too cute in his CSI glasses.

Charity Donovan said...

Girlfriend, I am wiped out just from reading that! First day at school pics are SO cute!!!

Casey's trio said...

Isn't it just exhausting getting yourself and the kids out the door? I only have to do it 2 days a week and I'm sweating by the time we leave....makes for a nice shine on the freshly applied make-up!