Sunday, August 3, 2008

The post with no name.

I'm at a loss for blogging material. In fact, blogging withdrawals have set in and I'm scrambling to get a post in tonight for fear of setting a record of number of days between posts. Trying to come up with some decent stuff was difficult. My choices of subjects include:
  1. The Governator motions to reduce State employee salaries to minimum wage until a Budget is signed for the State of California.
  2. Potty-training central has de-railed.
  3. Rudy's car breaks down, gets towed home and costs over $125 for a part.
  4. Rudy passes a kidney stone and survives!
  5. Gas is $4.02 a gallon... a bargain!
  6. Cute kids.
..... twisting my own arm .... Kids!!! I've got cute kids!

Shh....we need concentration here... on the potty.

Dominic takes a break from the park to hold his brother.

Proof that Rudy did pass a kidney stone,
about 2mm in diameter.

(shown on ruler)

Heck, this is GREAT blogging material, right?


Amber S. said...

Cute kids!

Nice touch with the kidney stone pic. If your hubby's anything like mine, he'll just LOVE seeing that posted on the WWW. ;-)

Joan said...

The kids are adorable, as always. I take it the potty training is not going so well? Hey you got one more to go girl. Time to get creative!

Poor Rudy, I have never had one and hope to god It stays that way. I have heard how painful those darn things are!

LoveBugZ said...

I feel bad for Rudy -- Jeff passed one a long time ago and he was very upset and in pain after. I hope Rudy faired better than Jeff that you blogged it!!! Potty training is just blah and my least favorite thing, Marissa did so well and now today 2 accidents, where did this come from??

LoveBugZ said...

PS: picking a title is sometimes the hardest part of writing!!