Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm trippin'!

Call me crazy... Yep, I'm a trippin'! This is my first stab at trying something like this, so if you're new to my blog, WELCOME! If you're an avid lurker, come out! And if you already know me and visit my blog often, sit back and well, enjoy the blog....or join me! I'm going on a trip! Stay tuned to five days of fun, from September 1st to the 5th. I will be posting on each of those days as mommy bloggers from all over come cruising by to visit me and my post for the day (I will be visiting their's too!).

I'm looking forward to a vacation - one which gives me something to blog about each day. You're not tired of my kids are you?

But before I start packing, The Rib Cook-Off is coming up! That'll be a post to look forward to!


LoveBugZ said...

OK OK I might follow you on your trip!!!!!!!! I think it sounds really fun and interesting.

Brody said...

Your blog is darling!
Welcome to the blog world!

When I post it say's it's from Brody.. Still trying to figure out how to change that! lol


Charity Donovan said...

This looks pretty cool! =)

Robin said...

Love this, I just started today with "shopping". Hope you come by and let me know what you think too. Cute blog too. I hope the site does more of these, it is so fun, and a great way to see new blogs and meet new moms:) Robin