Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's Bumbo, Baby!

According to today's well-child visit...we're SWELL!
15 pounds, 6 ounces
25 1/4 inches
43 cm head circumference


LoveBugZ said...

He is GORGEOUS. You seriously have 3 handsome,cute and wonderful little men on your hands. I can say how cute they are and I am not biased because I am not their mom....but you can say it too at any point in time because you are speaking the truth!!

Charity Donovan said...

He is so dang cute....I just want to squeeze him! So glad the visit with the doc went well!

Danielle said...

CUTE pictures! Owen loves his bumbo although he's starting to arch his back when he's in it so I'm getting a bit nervous... We'll see!

Anyhow, both the boys are so close in their stats. It's amazing to watch them grow at the same time! Glad the Dr's visit went well!!

He sure is a cutie!