Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Memory Of...

Kyle Benjamin
October 2004 ~ March 2005

Never would I imagine "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" would be such an emotional verse! We honored Baby Kyle today, as we do every October, and it was such a gorgeous day to do so! This small 2-hour ceremony is always an emotional one, not only for the loss of Baby Kyle, but for other infants who have passed on after birth or in utero. They do such an awesome ceremony, all by mothers, fathers and volunteers of the organization. Kyle's mommy forgot her camera, so I tried as best as I could to get some pictures. It was hard! The traditional dove release was the worst photo opportunity for me...I had a 2 year old in my lap, toddler puffs in my right hand, the camera in my left (of which the trigger is on the right side of the camera), and tears running down my face. And off the doves flew! No picture. Oh well. I got some of the butterflies that were released, but even that was hard as they were so eager to go! I'll spare some photos to allow Party of Six to blog them. Here are a few:

Bianca shares with us, a butterfly.

These were gorgeous Monarchs eager to fly!

The ceremony took place in a rose garden. Very fitting!

Peyton and Rudy share a few moments.

Sydney "seconds that emotion" with her Uncle.

The kids all watched the release in amazement.

Donovan enjoyed refreshments at the end.

Baby Kyle will NEVER be forgotten.


Harajuku Girl said...

It is amazing how time passes.. He will be 3 years old in only a few more days... I think it is wonderful they do this ceremony. I get so sad and sick to my stomach when I think of Kyle, it is not fair. His obituary hangs in my cube at work and to this day it is emotional to read and think about.

Kristie said...

Hey - thanks for the beautiful post... I swear one day soon I'm gonna have my PC back up and running so I can BLOG again...

Thanks for being at the memorial on Sunday and every year - Thanks for always being there for us.

We were so happy it was such a beautiful day, usually we get cold weather for the memorial...

Great pics of the butterflies and the family - I don't think I got many good pictures even last year. It's hard when the kids are clinging to me or wanting something. - so thank you for the pictures. I might get them on my blog soon