Saturday, November 29, 2008

All Aboard an Imax Experience!

Amazing! I wasn't sure I could stand another viewing of The Polar Express. Infact, now I know I hadn't actually seen it all the way through. Dominic loves this movie. We even have a Polar Express jingle bell ornament for our tree. After working most of the day, Rudy knew I was fed up with being cooped up with the boys and a house that was needing attention and not getting it. After getting home, Rudy took Dominic and I to the Esquire-Imax Theater to see this movie in 3-D. It was incredible. It felt like we were in the movie; the snow was falling around us; and we were amongst the herd of caribou that stopped the train from reaching the North Pole. It was so real. I often looked over at Dominic (in his cool 3-D glasses) and he'd have his ears covered from the sound of the train. It felt like we were on it. The way to the North Pole was an awesome ride... a true roller coaster experience. Hang on!

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