Saturday, November 15, 2008

Game Over!

Soccer Season has come to an end. Finally! The season was brutal. It was painful to watch...

Painful to watch a kid on the field that has no desire to be there.

Painful to watch Rudy assistant coach a sport he is so passionate about, become so disgruntled and frustrated.

Painful were the early morning games in which getting up and ready and out of the house in time was a chore.

Painful to watch Donovan pout on the sidelines, waiting for the whistle from the ref, signing he may now use the field to kick the ball around on.

After today's early game, a lots of running around in between, our evening concluded with a potluck dinner and award ceremony. Dominic got his personal trophy, while the team gave Rudy a plaque with the team picture. Pretty cool.

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Joan said...

Aww That is so sad =(. I cannot say Andrew did amazing or really was "excited" about going. He never really put up a fight to go. But he really did not play. The only thing he did well at was goalie. I am sure there is a sport out there that Dominic will love =)