Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two for Tuesday

I rushed out of work after the 3:30 call that told me of Devin's temperature. Poor guy. His teeth are starting to cut through and has been tolerable so far, but now he has developed a little cold - thanks to the biggest brother. His nose has been runny and eyes watery. He reached his limit. Donovan, meanwhile, has been barking (not like Roxy or Fred either!) and is having a hard time loosening up the morning mucous. He seems to react well to the every 4-hour dosage of Triaminic we've managed to purchase from store shelves before it never existed again. He, too, is suffering.

I picked up the TWO kids with a makeshift ziploc diaper bag (I'm never prepared for these unexpected trips), headed over to Urgent Care (because I didn't want to wait until morning), plunked down TWO copayments after filling out TWO sign-in sheets. Rudy met us there because my TWO arms weren't going to be enough. (Thanks Mom for getting Dominic from school).

The medical assistant took us back to take vitals. No temp, oxygen levels superb, pulse excellent...times TWO. We're looking good! This is where I begin to think how dumb I look with TWO perfectly healthy patients taking up an urgently needed space in that office. Please, oh please Doctor, don't make me look like an overly paranoid mother.

We waited a good long while before being seen by a Doctor. Devin enjoyed the sanitary paper that lay across the examining table. Donovan enjoyed scoping out all the equipment in the room. We often saw the MA walk by the door and peek in. One time he came back with suckers and stickers. Donovan ate a sucker; Devin ate a sticker.

TWO hours since arriving, we were finally diagnosed with TWO ear infections - all on the same kid, Devin! So here's to EI #2 - or would that be #2 and #3? Donovan gets to ride out his viral illness. No prescriptions for him.

Weighing in at 19.2 lbs., the table paper would only
satisfy him until it was gone!
This crappy photo is from an inexperienced
cell phone photographer!


jag said...

Sorry the boys are sick. Hope things are better soon. I happen to think the photo you took is great! Not "crappy" at all:)


Charity Donovan said...

Gosh girl...I hope everyone is feeling better soon! LOVE the picture though...that paper is useless...what kid doesn't destroy it the minute they're on it...they might as well give them crayons & say "go for it!" lol! Hugggs from the Donovan Clan!

Kristie said...

I saw the boys this morning. They are looking much better. Devin was his happy smiling cooing self and DJ kept saying. Tia look, Tia look ~lmao~

I think our kids just keep handing off the colds back and forth between the five of them....

I think Mom could use a massage and get away ~lol~