Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote, Vote, Vote!

I'm not a political person at all. I've always disliked politics, the subject. I'm not one to debate my political stance on things, because, well, I hate debating and usually can't do it successfully. This year, as most would agree though, it's monumental. It's amazing what brings people to the polls. I've been known to skip out on some elections, mainly non-presidential, because I refuse to listen to political advertisements or read up on the issue at stake. Not an excuse, I know.

My first non-interest in politics that I can remember was back in 6th Grade - 1984 (gulp!). I remember standing out in line waiting to go into our classroom from lunch (do they still do that at this level?) when a classmate asked me who I was voting for: Reagan or Mondale. Huh? We can't vote!?!? Why should I make a choice? My pick isn't going to count anyway. I'm sure my answer was typical, "I don't know", because even back then I was smart enough to not start any debates! ;)

I dreaded Government class in high school. I was afraid of Mr. Desmond. Most people were. I thought I avoided having him for a teacher when our school closed and we were transferred to Christian Brothers. Guess what? Mr. Desmond followed. Funny, he was a great guy, but everyone feared him. He barely cracked a smile, but always cracked a joke. He was serious! He always crossed his arms in front of him, wore a yellow cardigan sweater and breathed heavily through his nose, a big one! It was Mr. Desmond that taught us the electoral process, the privilege it is to vote, etc. and urged us nearly 18-year-olds to register to vote when we were able.

There isn't much more to my election influences. Just to vote for what I think is right and strongly believe in. May the best candidate win! Unfortunately I won't be able to cast my ballot until the end of the day, but I'm sure to sneak a peek as to what's going on and who's projected to win. Darn internet!

Get out and vote!


Kristie said...

I'm going to vote soon.

So we never went to re register or whatever you're supposed to do when it comes time to move.... So you guessed it... driving out near the old HOOD to vote. I have my cheat sheet ready.

MCCAIN & PALIN - you got my vote... now I just hope I don't have a long wait to vote... at least I'll bring my ipod to listen to incase the wait is crazy.

At least it's a beautiful day to vote, no rain - just sun shiney days.

a birdie told me you were doing a write in for Bush again ~lmao~ don't you know only 76 more days left of Bush in office. --- Don't worry I voted for him too.

I've eatin lots of candy today

Amber S. said...

Good for you getting out there and voting... especially since you don't care for politics!! I've been immersed in it from the time I was a child, so I find it fun and exciting (as you may have seen from many of my posts). However, growing up a Texas girl, my views have always been looked down upon... but I still never miss an election nonetheless. What a HUGE, historical night!! Glad you participated - no matter whom you voted!