Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Morning Run

Okay, so it was a walk. A nice 5K through slippery autumn leaves, dampness in the air and warmth all around with such giving people is what The Run to Feed the Hungry is all about. This year I left Donovan and Devin at home with Rudy to mend their colds. Dominic and I spent nearly 45 minutes on the road just to GET to the event, which should have only taken us about 15 minutes. We pinned on our bibs, installed our tracking devices to our shoes (new this year!) and proceeded to the start line where we met up with my friend Terra, her kids Maxx and Stevie and her mom - another gone-crazy-with-a-Nikon photographer. The event gets larger every year and is so much fun to do. Last year Kristie said we'd run the 5K this year - she ran the 10K with Bianca this year. Way to go gals! So next year she's challenging me to run the 10K! Wait a second.. who's the athlete of the two of us? Are you crazy? I'll keep dreaming...

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Hey Tio! Do you think Dad would notice if I
your non-Cowboys hat backwards?

Our dessert for the evening: Rudy's birthday cake.

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