Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Date with Donovan

Tonight was the much anticipated (by me!) date with Donovan to see The Wiggles. Donovan was in utero when we took Dominic in 2005. We also went to their 2004 show. Power Rangers, Pokemon and Bakugans have since fulfilled Dominic's interest and Donovan is now officially the hand-me-down Wiggles fan. The VHS tapes still work after their repeated use! I kept our special date a secret so I wouldn't have to endure the panic-stricken cries of my theater-phobic son. Boy, I really wanted to tell him! It wasn't until we met up with Dad to switch cars and go out for a quick bite to eat that I finally told him. The gears were turnin' in his head!

He was a little excited. As we drove into the parking lot he talked about seeing The Wiggles. As we approached the uniform-stricken security bag checkers, his excitement drowned. Before we headed our way to our seats (down many stairs!) we went passed the merchandise for sale. My kid didn't want anything? So, off to the concession stand for the highly anticipated popcorn (SMALL) and medium drink. Ka'ching.....$9.75. Good gravy!!!!

Down to the seats we go. One look at the arena and the kid FREAKED on me. The popcorn went under my arm (somehow) while I dragged my child to our seats, explaining to the ushers as we pass by why my kid was NOT HAPPY to be making this trip. We get settled. Donovan sits on my lap to calm down and then decides he needs to use the bathroom. Would I have to live through this turmoil again??? Up the stairs, task completed and back to our seats. People start filling in around us... things aren't looking so scary. Yet, he's still on my lap! The guitars sit in a stand on the stage while Donovan wonders why. I don't think his eyes ever wandered from them.

Finally the show begins. The lights dim, the sound loudens, and I feel warmth run down my thighs.... Did he just pee on me??? Adjusting my position and feeling nothing wet, my nose sensed what was just a toxic release of Donovan's dinner - KFC. Lovely.

Wow, did we have great seats or what? I guess I didn't need my lens on my camera after all, since my brother borrowed it for his vacation. But I did need to scoot back some just to fit people in the picture! Without zooming abilities, I say I did pretty well, considering I had Donovan on my lap the entire time.

I love the expression on Sam's (yellow) face!

Okay, all you Anthony-crushers... Did I get a good shot, or what?

Donovan's favorite Wiggle... OR, his favorite guitar!

We miss Greg, but Sam has done an excellent job as the Yellow Wiggle.

Anthony, as Old Man Tucker.

Impressive maneuver!

... and this is too! (using the cheapest stage prop ever!)

Sam, doing the Hot Potato!

Jeff, who had a birthday today, near the end of the show.

And..... he's out!

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Kristie said...

Who needs a 12 year date when you can have a date with one of the cutest lil boy around.

I think we need to all go see a movie together. I'm sure he'd be less scared with his lil cousins around.

Then again.. Sneaking out to a movie minus the kids & men might me more fun.