Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gilroy Gardens with the (Gertie) Grandparents

Happy Anniversary to us... a bit postponed, but well worth it! My parents so graciously took my husband of 12 years and our family to Gilroy Gardens for the day. What a great day we had!

Always finding it hard to leave the house on time with all the essentials, we hit the road without diapers for Devin. A pitstop to the store and a caffeinated beverage later, we filled up the gas tank and drove, on this lovely Furlough Friday, to Gilroy.

Gilroy Gardens, formerly known as Bonfante Gardens, is perfect for all ages. The majority of the rides are suitable for the "under 48-inch" kids, something they usually don't get to experience on their own. Donovan didn't say "no" to any ride he went on. He had a blast. Dominic was almost too big for some of the smaller rides, but had fun with his brother (for a change!) and did a lot of running... through the rock maze and under waterfalls. Devin got to enjoy some of the rides too, while on my lap. He could have gone by himself on a couple of them, but I was a bit too nervous to let him. Next time!

Missing my other lens (while my brother vacations with it) I was stuck trying to take pictures that could not be zoomed. Hence, some extreme close-ups that I didn't intend to have. However, mom had her camera and got some great shots. We both had fun shooting away!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a GREAT day!

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Kristie said...

Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves. When I talked to Donovan on Saturday all he kept talking about was his new shoes ~lol~ and his birthday, how he's gonna drive Sydney around in her jeep.

email me at work, I don't have your home email address listed in my contacts.

We need some idea's on presents for DJ. That way Uncle Ben doesn't get the chance to find the loudest toy at the store.