Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Aunt Dorothy

May you rest in peace, Great Aunt Dot!

Aunt Dorothy is my paternal grandfather's sister. At 90 years old, this woman could whip up a mean 5-course Italian dinner and still have enough energy for a stroll on the town. She never sat down! Always concerned with who she would meet while out, she never left the house without lipstick on. And, as this picture points out, she always had a camera (with a little birdie in it) in her hands. I often wondered what she did with all those pictures she took. As a child, I always remember Aunt Dorothy as the lady with the dollar bills in her pocket (I think they were used in bribes for a picture) and she always had a squeeze of our cheeks or a great big hug. Oftentimes a lip print on your cheek was a sign that Aunt Dot got to you! The matriarch of a large family (she was a Great-Great Grandmother to a few!) she will be missed a bunch. She had a whole lot of love to give and she never stopped giving. She was a fighter!

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Joan said...

WOW she's gorgeous! So sorry for your loss. She sounded like a good aunt to have around! =)