Sunday, July 5, 2009

A San Francisco Treat!

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On Thursday, Rudy took the day off so that we could use up the passes to the California Academy of Sciences that had to be used by mid-month. He and Dominic attempted the trip during Spring Break and found it absurdly crowded. We planned ahead this time, leaving Devin with the Grandparents, and setting out before the sun rose!

We made the drive in good time, thanks to the carpool lane! Arriving more than an hour before the doors opened, we strolled around the area to take up some of our time. And still... we were first in line with our tickets already in hand. The line at the box office however was just beginning to grow longer. Rudy and Dominic got their tickets to see the show in the Planetarium. Dominic loved it! Donovan and I searched for a bite to eat. After the show, we all headed downstairs to the Steinhart Aquarium. Donovan was ecstatic. He loved the huge tanks of fish. It is a bit mesmerizing. I could stare at a big fish bowl for hours! Covering the entire museum, including the Rainforest and Living Roof, we finally got out of there 5-6 hours later.

Our next planned stop was at Chinatown. What an experience! Donovan got a postal truck,while Dominic is in high-heaven with his ever-popular Bakugan. We did a lot of strolling the streets here, ate at an Italian Restaurant and got stuck in traffic before finally heading home. It was a good day.

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