Friday, July 10, 2009

Me, B and the 3 at the W.A.C.

The day before WAC...
After seeing that our favorite splashground was closed for maintenance, I drove a couple blocks to another water feature. The fun was still had.....

Bianca and the boys sitting on spouts... for now.

These two are always camera-ready.

Always wanting control, Dominic mans the on/off.

Bianca came to spend the night with the boys with much anticipation for a trip to our across-town Wackford Aquatic Center. Such a blast, literally! After nearly 6 years of living here, I believe this is only our second or third time there.

Just getting used to the water, Bianca guides Devin.

"Don't pull the rope!"

Thanks Bianca for being such a huge help and having fun with us!

While Bianca was over, we made pizzas for dinner. I bought the pre-made stuff - there's no made-from-scratch stuff happening here. The little chefs were busy making their personal pizzas, each with their own style. Dominic went with the layered sauce approach; Donovan went with the dump-the-bowl-of-cheese look (while my back was turned); and Bianca put a little smile into hers. I'll just say... Donovan's leftovers didn't heat well in the microwave. Too. Much. Cheese.

Dominic's one-salami pizza and Bianca's "happy" salami pizza.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

That aquatic center looks like a blast! And those pizzas look really yummy!

Kristie said...

I love making making the personal pizza's. Looks like you had a whole lotta fun. I can't wait for Wednesday. I take it Wednesday is WACC.

I'm gonna pick Emma up on Monday night, she's gonna spend the night and go with us on Tuesday. Was thinking if she wanted to go Wednesday, I'd pick her up again.