Sunday, December 30, 2007

Deal OR No Deal?

Having a couple days off of work makes a whole world of difference IF you send the kids to daycare and can have the house to yourself! We've been a little productive lately, although one can hardly notice by the looks of the house now. We are loving those Sterlite and Rubbermaid storage bins. Wonders! We've got all the GeoTrax stuff separated and in labeled boxes (although the entire set is now covering the living room floor) and the Power Rangers are attempting to find their storage bins as well (they just don't manage to stay in them long enough). Rudy has emptied the guest room closet to make room for his sportcard sets, while my stuff got sent to death row, if I hadn't found a new home for it. Coincidentally, the master bedroom closet got some rearranging too, and it is MY stuff that got thrown to the floor for immediate determination in what to do with. WHY? It was doing just fine where it was!!!! I have taken all of my clogging performance attire and boxed it to give back to the Sutter's Stompers (sorry guys!) and although it was hard to do, it was needed. Even Rudy was a little sentimental in seeing the stuff go (why? he's the one that was trying to make more room in the closet - I just helped it out a ton!). The guest room was something to see. Rudy had STACKS of sportscards all over the floor and on the queen-sized bed. Each stack was piled there for a reason and if any human or dog EVER got in that room to knock ONE of those stacks over, it'd be disastrous! I haven't been back in there lately, but know that somehow (and after 4 hours of continuous paper shredding) Rudy managed to get a table out from the game/teen/computer room in there, only to make room for this air hockey table we acquired.

Yes, that's the deal...the air hockey table.

My good friend Terra had this hockey table that she so badly needed to get rid of. It was acting as a dumping ground for clutter at her house, taking up a lot of space (space where a Christmas tree for the family would be placed) and Terra didn't feel bad about giving it away, as it was just given to her (for the very same reasons). Guess what it's going to do here??? Long story short....we acquired the hockey table, while Terra took from us the mammoth elliptical machine that was taking up the space where my dresser is supposed to be. Did I make a good deal? This hockey table is HUGE and heavy. As it lay on its side in the hallway for us to dodge for about 3 weeks, Uncle Ben came over this weekend to help Rudy put it together. Please don't let there be an emergency, because I'm not sure how to get myself between the hockey table and the foosball table to get out in a decent amount of time!

A little boost is needed for the little ones.

Scoring on the other end is a blast, but scoring on his own goal is not.

Donovan and Uncle Ben have a few tricks planned.

Can you teach a monkey a few tricks?

Game face.

Sure, the monkey is bigger than the paddle....


rlgalik22 said...

Hey Andrea...Phill gave me your blog address. Just testing it out. Nice pixs!

Scott and Danielle said...

Hey girl! The new toy looks awesome! One of our upcoming projects on the house will be turning the sun room into a game room - Scott can't wait for that!! Looks like you've got a good start! How fun!

By the way - do you guys have any electricity in your neck of the woods? Our power's out at home right now - no fun.

Oh and the little one has hiccups, too. That's new for him - only his third time. But it's way cool!

Hope things are good!
~ Danielle