Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

After many months of agonizing over "the list", I think we finally have a name for this little guy. Mind you, "the list" was probably only 5 names, Rudy was adamant about this child having a D-name. I think we had more trouble with the middle name, or at least I did. I won't spare you the runner-ups, but I feel we've made a decent selection. There's no significance in his name really, but knowing that I may call this guy "Little Ricky" has this cuteness to it - of course, probably not cute when he's 13 years old! Lord knows I can't keep the other D's in our household straight!

So, there you have it. It's even been written in the paperwork for his birth-certificate - just waiting on his BIRTHDAY to fill in the rest!


Phyllis said...

Hi, after reading you blog I can now report back to Sutter's on what the babies name will be. The big questions has been is the babies name going to start with a "D". Looking forward to seeing you the 8th. Take care ... Phyllis

LoveBugZ said...

I love it!