Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Party #4 and a Closet Project

Birthday Party #4 for the CRAZY month of February was for a classmate of Dominic's. I did not take any pictures...I didn't know anyone! Julia's party was at yet ANOTHER local bounce house party arena. I think Dominic had a hangover from last night's party that this one was just too much for him. Surprisingly, there were very few kids from school. Out of nearly 36 kindergartners, probably only 10 were present today. Dominic enjoyed playing air hockey with his "partner in crime" from school and beat him 7-3. I guess having your own air hockey table at home really pays off?

So the rest of the afternoon, I attempted to let my "nesting" instincts kick in. Mind you, I have 8 weeks or less before Baby #3 arrives and the "handy hands" around the house has been oblivious to such time frame. It's time to make some sort of "move". By putting both the boys in one room, it is certainly going to be cramped for space. The closets for their room, as well as the baby's room, need some serious revamping. I was inspired greatly by a fellow blogger, Danielle, to purchase this awesome closet organizer from Costco. Get this:
  1. No studs to find.
  2. No tools, levels or measuring tape to use. (I was SOLD here.)
  3. No mathematical equations to solve.
  4. No TEN trips to the local Home Depot for the RIGHT screw to suit the needs.
  5. No sawdust to clean up; no markings on the wall.
  6. No "unfinished" task left sitting until next weekend when time allows for YET another trip to Home Depot for something so drastically needed to finish the project.
It was ALL me! This was my kind of project. Would you be so kind as to give me some applause? (All I've gotten was my own pat on my back!) Although, this was NOT my preferred "system" to go into the closet, it had to be done NOW. I'm in a demanding mood. Perhaps, the "system" for the baby's closet will be more like what I was hoping for.

So what do you think? I'm only brave enough to show you one side.

The Before. The 3-drawers weren't getting much use in there anyway.

The After. Ahhhh. Okay, it looks crowded but at least there's a place for stuff, right? ...and things are less likely to fall on your head.

So this cleared some stuff from taking up space in the room itself. And I was constantly reminded that our Robot would be making her rounds in the morning. I'm content with my doings today to not fear what she may suck up. Although more can be done (and Donovan hasn't moved in yet), I'm satisfied with what's been accomplished so far.

Now, if only my "instincts" would allow me to scrub floors and do bathrooms... I'm still waiting for them to kick in!


Scott and Danielle said...

YEAY!! I was just about to email you about the closets to make sure you got my reply. Aren't those things the best?? I searched and searched for something like this and love it. Ours still needs some tweaking (cause there's, like, a million ways you can arrange it) but at least it's in and functioning for now!

Glad your nesting has *begun* to kick in!!

~ Danielle

Kristie said...

~claps and whistles~ Great Job... I'm sure you would still be waiting for Rudy to get it done... baby would be here and daddy wouldn't be doing the closet...

We are thinking about doing one for Sydney and Peyton... we had a really good closet organizer at the old house... of course it required lots of measuring, finding studs and all that not so fun stuff... but HELLO... we need to utilize the closet space... Why don't homes come with closet organizers already?????? It's a no brainer...

We have all the babies summer clothes in the playroom, all the stuff they are sporting now in their bedroom...

I opened Bianca's closet last night... it was A MESS... clothes in piles on the floor, games, papers, clothes stuffed/hanging in the closet, She needs an organizer too...

She couldn't find her black or red soccer shorts or her underarmor... and she's got practice tonight at

Well she is trying out for this Nomads Soccer team... they travel to San Diego to play sometime in March (the end I think) it's a competitive team and some girls from her school are trying out...

That would be awesome if she makes it and gets to play lots... I don't want to go and then her not play much... Very exciting...