Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Happenings

We didn't attend church today since we're still passing around illnesses, and well, apparently, it just wasn't the same after learning what happened last night. Services still went on in the nearby hall, but just knowing that we could have been sitting in those pews (because we normally sit on those that were destroyed) makes us thankful that this happened overnight and not during Sunday services. You can view the entire story here. Imagine a shamrock-like setting for our church: the stem is the back of the church, the front of the church is the middle "petal" (of three sides). In this incident, this driver drove through the front of the church taking out the right side pews, then proceded to the "third petal" and took out some of those pews on the right side. He came to a stop at the baby grand piano. Miraculously, the church statues, including the Patron Saint, St. John Vianney, were left unharmed.

Missing the front water feature, the driver took down the huge, heavy front doors to the church, went into the foyer area, through another set of double doors and proceded to take out rows of pews.

This shows the right side of pews taken out. The driver then drove over the green-carpeted altar area to the right side of the church, where more pews were damaged. Amazing!

In other news.... despite runny noses, coughing and just plain feeling crummy, we all went outside to soak up some sunshine. It felt good! Dominic got to ride his "big wheel" since he now fits it better, and Donovan watched Dad change brake pads on "Mini Pearl". Eventually, Dominic felt the need to help Dad out.

Having fun in the sun!

Donovan snuck in a ride while brother was away for a few minutes.

Using "super powers" to lift up my tire to change brake pads.
Dominic LOVED this!

And finally, at the end of the day, after all those sibling battles, the boys enjoyed something that even Dad approved of...jumping on our bed! After a slight collision and a touch of the ice pack (on Dominic's noggin), the boys had a blast. If only they could play like this all the time! Doesn't it look like they actually enjoy each other?

...yep, Dad approved!

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Kristie said...

Looks like the kids had a great Sunday... at least there was still sun.... today it's rainy here... and I'm trying to get warm now.

Ben's really good about mailing stuff, so I'm sure he's already gone to the post office across the street from his work.

So you put Dominic and Bianca to work... sweet deal. I don't like licking the envelopes, glad someone else volunteered for that job.

Hope you start to feel better, nothing worse than being pregnant and not feel well...

I'm gonna meet up with my friend Ashley tonight for dinner, hopefully the rain stops soon, or at least when we get together. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great day