Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday Party #2

...for the crazy month of February.

Miss Mia Rosa also had a 5th birthday party this weekend. Dominic was really excited for this party, as the invitations were Transformers-themed. Go figure! (We got her Barbie stuff anyway!)

For such a rainy-forecasted day, balloons, bubbles and a crawl-through obstacle course kept the kids entertained in the confined space they had. It was cozy, and the food was yummy. Mia got a lot of fun presents, including her Fire Fighter uniform that she couldn't wait to get into. It fits her well!

"Shameless Flirt" says Peyton's shirt!

Hello? Is this thing on?

Bianca and Uncle Mike discuss their Superbowl picks.

We've got more birthdays next weekend....stay tuned!


Kristie said...

Mia Rosa... almost like Tia Rosa... I think Erin was disappointed, she thought there were gonna be like 25 kids... not sure 25 could fit in that room.

I'm exhausted - and my kids are still awake... Sydney fell asleep on the way home from the superbowl party, but she woke up when I put her to bed... and now... the girls are playing in the bedroom and not sleeping. I am gonna get in the shower and hit the hay.

I got a new assignment over the weekend from work... I'm writing a paper on the Theater Ads were proposing and I have to meet with the big bosses on Tuesday about it... instead I'd like to get away

Gen McNulty said...

I'm so excited you saw the news last night! I couldn't stay awake for it... i REALLY did try! Kurtis is such a nice guy. We taped that back in early December.

So.. here is the low down.. the Sonic Scrubber actually did work! However, it needs to be like 10x's that size to be used more often. It's kinda fun to use though and it got some crusty food off the walls in the kitchen:).

Anyway, thanks for the sweet notes. I'm anxiously awaiting your #2 any day now! :)

Gen McNulty said...

oops.. sorry.. didn't mean #2... it's been a long 7 days around here. SORRY! Love your blog and love your family!

LoveBugZ said...

You all truly have beautiful children!!!