Sunday, May 4, 2008

... and another dog-gone birthday


Dear Roxy,

It was three years ago today that you were born. You were brought into our home just a couple months later. Why we thought we needed a puppy JUST before Donovan was born is beyond me, but I knew you'd be "perfect" to bud around with Fred. Your Dad, however, misjudged your calming sweetness and natural ability to "sit" without command and looks back on "selection day" as a big mistake.

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge your birthday. It's these seemingly unimportant dates that I usually remember. Dad, however, had different feelings on your birthday....hence, NO GIFT for you today. Instead of a new squeakie toy or bone, we reminisced your "rap" sheet:
  • relandscaping the backyard to your taste
  • pulling out wires from the sprinkler control system
  • $400+ in electrical damage to the riding lawn mower
  • holes in the lawn from attempted bone burial
  • Two (2) Diego tricycles chewed
  • One Hungry Hippo ride-on destroyed
  • opening the tool shed to destroy the bug sprayer
  • countless feet of weed fabric removed and torn from various locations
  • removal of plants around the dog run
  • chewing of the kids' play structure
  • chewing of our BBQ and utensils
  • loosening of fence boards to converse with neighbors' dogs
  • "de-barking" of an evergreen tree, and it's ultimate death
Due to the length of your rap sheet, your Dad has mentioned that for your birthday you get "spared a trip to the pound". Don't worry though, I may sneak you an extra bone because I still love ya! And don't forget, you actually claimed Fred's new squeakie toy when he got it, so you have plenty to be thankful for!

Oh, the "sweetness"...

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Joan said...

Sheesh, her list is about as long as Opie's. Those dog gone dogs. And still we keep them and love them like our children. -Sigh-