Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Power Ranger Party...

Last year, Dominic's 5th Birthday was Power Ranger-themed. Today, we had the pleasure attending yet another youngster-turned-Power Ranger-fanatic. This kid is WILD about Power Rangers. I thought Dominic had it bad! Egads.

We were invited to Ranger Ryan's party (son of Rudy's coworker/colleague). The weather was comfortable and the kids had fun (Devin slept the majority of it). There was a lot of food (an entire pig was in the garage!) Donovan had a blast in the bounce house, regardless of the kids twice his size in there with him! He's a nut! Dominic did some jumping, until he found a Pokeman game that took his attention away for a good portion of the time there. He would NOT put that thing down, and tried to convince us that Ryan let him have it. He's a very good negotiator.
The pinata was bigger than Ryan!

Ranger Dominic

Pinata-filling Rule No. 1
Don't overfill your pinata with candy that
can't be interpreted by most children.

Using my best Spanish interpretation, these suckers were tamarind-flavored caramel coated with chili....yes CHILI!!!!! Donovan took one lick and came running to me in tears.

Pinata-filling Rule No. 2
Do not put Bazooka gum in your pinata.

At what age should children KNOW how to chew gum? In trying to "teach" Dominic the proper gum-chewing rules, the first piece of gum was swallowed. The second piece of gum ended up on his forehead (see picture above). Because we were in the car on the way home, all panic broke loose in the car and I hurriedly threw Dominic a napkin to wipe any gum off his hands. Well, he thought he'd just wipe his forehead too, but the napkin just stuck to the gum, making matters worse. I think he's now a few hairs short on his left eyebrow. Way to go Dominic!


Macladie said...

I don't know about you party suckers and gooey gum!

Kristie said...

I guess we won't be looking for the chili candy at Dominic's Party... and hopefully there won't be any gum... but I was glad to see that Dominic's eyebrow seemed in tact....

Great Job Dom

Amber S. said...

Oh my - the things to come in my life that have not yet crossed my mind... ;-)

Now, those chili suckers are GOOD. Especially the mango/tamarind ones! But for a kids party? Not such a great idea. (But being pregnant... hmmm... I may have to find those again SOON... hehehe)

Glad to see the gum came out, leaving Dominic's eyebrow somewhat intact! You gotta laugh now that the initial "panic" is gone. :-)

Joan said...

LOL - Chili flavored suckers huh? Even I would not eat those. Dominic sure did not seem effected but the gum in his brows. Hilarious!

It is funny because Andrew LOVES gum but only supervised. We changed the rules after I found a wad smashed up in the crack of my car window - rolls eyes-

Glad you got out some =)