Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Tea

Today Dominic's class held a Tea Party for all of the moms. I've been hearing about it all week, and finally the day had come. The kids were so proud of themselves and so loving to their moms. They were so well-mannered. Who? My kid? We entered the classroom one-by-one, after being introduced. The kids clapped as we entered. I was handed a rose and was brought to my seat where a few of Dominic's creations were placed. The tables were set up nicely with tea and cookies (lemonade for the kids).

Once everyone was introduced, the class sang a few songs for us, said a prayer and we chit-chatted while having tea and cookies. Take a look at a few excerpts from the book Dominic created. Hilarious! He also made me a card and the handprint placard shown here. As a bonus, I got to take my kid home early for the day. Yeah! (I think?)

Like my bonnet?

"This is my Mom. Her name is Agry."
- Hmm. Okay, well, my name does start with an "A"!

"She is 375 feet tall and weighs 111 pounds."
- Good job Dominic, I'll take it!

Such fine china!

The kids posed with their Moms' hats that they made.


Joan said...

Oh, Can this not be any more cute! I cannot wait for stuff like this. =) You look awesome btw, I can see how he thinks you weigh 111lbs.

Kristie said...

Those are some classic pics. I love em. Very cool. I hope Sydney and Peyton don't start in on the make up anytime soon. I'm already wondering when Bianca is gonna wanna start wearing it.

It was great to see you this morning @ starbucks, nice way to start the morning.

and you do look very thin

LoveBugZ said...

Andria..........You look GREAT!!!!! The funniest thing about this is that Marissa just discovered my mascara too!!! Hers ended up mostly on her nose AND we left here to Jeff's parents and she found Nanny's that same day and it again!!!!!!!! TOO funny!! Your in my thoughts and prayers daily!!