Monday, May 19, 2008

My Public Service Announcement

When we approach these hot summer days, especially near popular summer holidays such as Memorial Day or The 4th of July, it seems that people flock near the waterways to cool off. I am saddened at the increase of news stories telling of drownings and near-drownings. Unfortunately, the victims in these cases were NOT wearing a life jacket (or PFD). How difficult is it? Why does the media have to keep reminding people about water safety? Is it because people feel silly wearing life jackets? Why do they think they are perfectly good swimmers? They may be. But how can you swim out of an under current in the water. Or how do you swim when your body won't function because of the cold temperature that it is? And why do you continue to enter a raging river when you don't know how to swim? No swimming skills AND no life jacket is a double whammy! WHY? Why haven't we learned?

PLEASE invest in a life jacket or PFD for yourself and your kids.
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***This concludes my "soap box" for this blog post***
(I will return to my regular method of blogging after this post.)

P.S. I realize my use of pronouns in the above PSA may not be the best. Hopefully there are no English majors reading this!


Joan said...

lol you crack me up , but you have a reasonable blog. It is so true last summer it seems that is all I heard! We do not swim to make a fashions statement!

Kristie said...

Hey we got ours.... okay Bianca has one.... Did I tell you my sister and Tyler got a boat... yep.... they've been out on the water a lot already... She's trying to get us to go with them.. but you know Ben... he doesn't want to get his pretty feet wet ~lmao~

They got rid of the jetski's they bought and now it's all about wake boarding and tubing behind the boat.

the girls seemed to like uncle rafa's boat... hopefully they'll like this boat too