Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our First Stroller Stride

Coincidentally, today marks Devin's 1-month birthday. After dinner we loaded up the boys (and the dogs!) and went out for a walk. This is the first time we've taken "the beast" of our stroller out. As Devin is too young to sit, it will hold his carrier just fine, while brother Donovan sits behind him (or in front - from Devin's view!). As Devin gets older he will have a regular seat facing forward to sit in. The back seat can be removed so that, if preferred, Donovan could stand on a small platform to ride, or sit facing me. I have yet to figure out how to do this though. The directions are not helpful, and just to remove the back seat is a lot of work!

Stopping to smell the roses....or something else?
(This was the first walk of the season for the dogs. Poor things.
Boy, did they have a LOT of smelling around to do!)

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Kristie said...

Glad you guys got to take the dogs out for a walk, I'm sure they loved it.

I wish Sydney and Peyton liked stroller rides more often. As soon as we get out in the stroller, they want out and want to run, or walk... usually Peyton wants to run, Sydney gets tired faster... it's hard work.