Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 11 Years!

July 12th marked our 11th Wedding Anniversary! Wow!

When we got married, we were a bit bummed that we couldn't go on some extravagant honeymoon, but made the best of seeing some of California's popular destinations, such as Carmel, Pebble Beach and Monterey. We loved Monterey and thought that since it was just a road trip away, that perhaps we could celebrate each anniversary back where we honeymooned. The next year came, and well, we were on to bigger and better already! Yes, that was the year we won the Grand Prize trip at our church Crab Feed - a trip to Puerto Vallarta. It was the honeymoon trip we wanted, just a year later! But...we couldn't top that for the following year(s). So, a few years went by, and we ended up back in the Monterey area around our 6th Anniversary (and with a 13-month old). Romantic, eh? Not when you've spent your day at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Here we are, 11 years since our Wedding Day and have our hands full with 3 boys! We have always included our kids on our vacations and cater our trips to them. Rudy and I have had a couple weekends, here or there, where we could get away for a bit (Las Vegas one year!) but always missed our kid(s) back home - or felt sorry for the designated babysitters.

In a strange turn of events (thanks to Bianca's Spaghetti Feed), we managed to win another "getaway". This time, it wasn't anywhere tropical, lush or full of wildlife and celebrities (one in the same, right?) --- we won a night's stay in the Riverfront King Suite at Le Rivage Hotel in....

....are you ready?....

....SACRAMENTO!!!! (heck, it didn't even include a tank of gas to get there!)

Yep, our weekend getaway took place right here, just less than 7 miles from our kids.....smoke-filled skies causing orange sunsets and CELL PHONES OFF!

Thanks to Abuelos for watching Donovan and Devin for the night. And to Tios Phil and Patty for allowing Dominic to stay and play with his cousins.

Pictures of our great getaway to come....

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