Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's So Hot...

...The dogs came inside to sleep on the bathroom floor.
(THAT, and the fact that the air quality has been so poor.)
This confined Fred enough to get a good ear cleaning
...he hates me now.

...Donovan's "izzers" have taken residence in our refrigerator!
(If you look closely, I think the left one is belly-up! Oh no!)

***Stay tuned for an Anniversary Getaway post! I'm so excited to spend some quality time without the kids. Yet, I might wish I had a laptop to do some blogging while I have NOTHING to do!


Joan said...

Poor doggies. Good thing we have alternatives for large dogs.

- bathroom with linoleum or floor that cannot be destroyed - check
- baby gate - Check

I am sure the cool how will help home forgive you from the ear cleaning.

Love the "Izzars" in the fridge. Have yet to find any "friends" in those places, but Andrew is notorious for stuffing clothes under the couches after being told to put it in the hamper. Guess he cannot pry himself away from the TV long enough, I was not happy to see his underwear and shirt from 2 days ago under there tonight - This has been his thing lately - Drives me Banana's! Much rather find some izzars for sure.

Enjoy the hubby time!

Joan said...

"I am sure the cool how will help home forgive you from the ear cleaning."

Let me try that again -LOL

I am sure being in the cool house will help him forgive you for the ear cleaning

Whew! There, that was killing me =) For the record it is 12:43 am and I am almost off work. Tired to say the least.