Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Getaway...

...was short-lived. After dropping off the kids to their planned destinations for the evening, we finally arrived at the hotel just a little after 4:00 pm. We unloaded our stuff and just absorbed the comfort of the room, the balcony and the quietness! I had planned to use their pool and/or jacuzzi for a bit before we headed down for our dinner reservations at Scott's Seafood. That never happened. Instead, Rudy watched a flick on the flat screen TV, while I painted my toenails, then attempted to do a few crossword puzzles while they dried. Fun! Time flies when you're having fun.

We got to sit out at the restaurant's patio for dinner. It was quite nice, as we pretended the air was fresh. No high chairs to use, no kids to sit still... ahhh, how could I get used to this? It was nearly 100 degrees out during the afternoon, but I still ordered a bowl of Boston Clam Chowder. Rudy ordered the Fried Calamari (okay, I had some too) that was quite delicious (I didn't eat the purpley-tentacled ones!). For our meal, I ordered the Dungeness Crab and Asparagus Ravioli, while Rudy went for the Blackened Pacific Snapper. Both were excellent choices. Although we were quite full from our meals, this special occasion needed dessert too. We chose to split a Caramel Macadamia Blueberry Crisp. Oh yeah, it was good! Rudy was a little embarrassed at me pulling out my camera for a few pictures, so I didn't take too many. I even made him take a picture of the sunset from his view.

We returned to our room after dinner and were surprised to find jazz music on the radio, our bed sheets turned down, our complimentary water out of the refrigerator and on our night stands. Someone's been here! Our toiletries were nicely organized on the bathroom sink, my clothes (that were once on the bed) now lay across the recliner chair...and thank goodness they moved Rudy's dirty socks to the "already-been-worn" pile! I'm glad we weren't too much like slobs for the housekeepers. I never expected such treatment! Rudy found yet another movie to watch, while I attempted more crossword puzzles. I could never finish one, but kept on starting others. We sank into the feather bed, and I, could NOT get comfortable to sleep... oh, it was comfy, but I couldn't sleep in it. I felt like I was sinking. We awoke the next morning with a disturbing wrong number phone call - heck, it was 9:20 am and check out was to be at 11:00 am! Rise and Shine!!! Our stay was done. We reminisced a lot about our "before kids" era; had a yummy breakfast at IHOP and went on our way to get Dominic and return to Abuelos for the other two. We're back into reality now.

Complimentary Voss Water. Strange, but true.

Look at the plumbing on this thing!

My first alcoholic beverage...or...maybe it was my second???

The Spirit of Sacramento cruised by.

The sun set, and made me realize I need to clean my lens.

I could get used to this position!

Our self portrait on the balcony.


Kristie said...

HOORAY - Glad you guys got away for the night... Looks like the room was awesome... Flat Screen, Feather Bed, Amazing Tub...

So how's your Day One as a SAHM going... I was looking forward to my 4 Days... Looks like we'll be in SF two days. Santa Clara 1 day... no rest for the wicked.

Charity Donovan said...

Awwww GOOD for you guys! Enjoy yourselves & soak up some of that fun for me as well! lol!

Amber S. said...

Looks awesome! This is going to be similar to our "Babymoon" with Gabe - not going anywhere far this time, but still plan on being spoiled and having a lot of fun. So glad y'all got to get away - that is so important to do occasionally. I am sure it was so weird for us not to ask for two highchairs at dinner... and then pull out sippies and Goldfish, and PRAY for good behavior as soon as we get to the table. (I am sure you know what I'm talking about - this is our regular routine!) Congrats on 11 years!! :-)

Joan said...

Hey! Free hotel stay .. in sacramento? I'll take it, because the key word there was free! Awesome for you 2. Even if it is 24 hours. Sometimes we just need some time for us. Because lord knows we married couples never get enough of it.

Loved the tub - Please tell me you soaked in it?
The drinks looked YUMMY! How many more after that did you have?
The toes - What a pretty color!
The hotel - Stunning!

How is reality going?

PS love you with short hair - I mean to tell you at Luke's baptism but got side tracked!

Midwest Mommy said...

I think I would take a plunge in that drink too!! That sounds awesome!
*Just stopping by for the first time today, out blog browsing! Great blog btw.

Phyllis said...

Wow, I can't believe you have been married eleven years already! I remember going to your wedding and it sure doesn't seem like eleven years ago! Devan is getting big and he just as handsome as his brothers. Take care