Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are Blessed!

A unique experience took place today....the baptism of my parents' three youngest grandchildren. Devin was baptized today, along with his cousins, Addison and Vincent. It was special to have our church community welcome these young children into our faith all on this same day. We had one huge party after the ceremony, with plenty of food, family and friends. Grandma Gertie recorded this day with her camera, of course, because she's got the cutest grandkids to show off! (...and because I never take pictures on occasions that I have guests for).

Devin with his Godparents, Carmen and Martin
with cousins Kalyn and Matthew

Rudy and myself with Devin;
Patty (my brother Phil not pictured) with Addison;
my brother Chris and Angela with Vincent

Sweet goodness for our SWEET ones!

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Kristie said...

so sweet.... Congrats to the three amigos...

May the Lord Bless you always

and thanks for letting us share your special day

Amber S. said...

What a WONDERFULLY blessed day!! Congrats to you and your family.

Kristie said...

good mornin - i hope i get to blog soon....

yesterday I was holding Devin.. and Sydney was so upset... so she needed to potty... and i needed to 'mama taka me potty' and so i hand devin off to Ben... while she's going potty... she says

'mama... you no hold hold me... k'

and PEYTON threw a tantrum today, screamed all the way to Sharons, half dressed.... wouldnt' stop screaming no matter what I tried... finally i took her in screaming... no shoes on.. shirt only around her neck... wouldn't stop crying... Donovan said 'Look sharon - no shoes' LMAO he was eyeballin her shoes from across the room.. he wanted to try em out ~lol~ it was cute... heck maybe he was gonna offer her his in trade...

hope the day gets better