Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game Day...and a sport injury?

Saturday was a beautiful day for soccer. Papa and Grandma Gertie met us at the park for another exciting SJV Tiger Cub game. You never know what to expect from these "cubs". Dominic ever-so-proudly raised his hand to be goalie. He was so excited that he got picked and he surprised us all at the way he'd ready himself for the ball coming his way. Luckily he was playing on Coach Jim's side, because I'm sure Coach "Dad" would rather put him in the field running (which Dominic would rather not do). He made quite a few saves right off the bat, but then missed a few later on in the game. Yep, he stayed goalie the ENTIRE game! In some cases, he actually got down on the ball! Never did he use his feet, because, of course, goalies get to use their hands! He was sure to do so. I never keep track of the number of goals the team makes. Guess I'm too busy watching the kids. They're so entertaining...and some of them are quite athletic at this age already! We told Dominic that his other Papa once played goalkeeper (back in the day). Perhaps he'll be getting some pointers from the expert. Meanwhile, Dominic's biggest fan...his brother...couldn't wait until quarter break to get out and show his stuff. He's quite the dribbler and is fun to watch. At times, his feet go so fast that he runs over the top of the ball. Hilarious!

We do have an injury in the house! Imagine that?! Although unrelated to soccer, it seems that Donovan has done something to his left foot or toe. It's okay...he kicks with his right! As we were on the floor horsing around, Donovan jumped off my back (I was laying on my tummy ---
I still can!) and immediately felt pain in his foot. I think he landed wrong after the dismount from my back. Poor guy. No protruding bones, no sign of bruising yet, but he is definitely "babying" it and complains about it. I wish he could assist me a little better in telling me what is wrong. He's been walking with a limp tonight, which looks funny on a 2-year-old. We'll see if he remembers in the morning that he injured his foot. If he still complains, I suppose I'll have to get it checked out. After feeling around for any signs of stress, he never winced. He also pointed to one of his toes, so perhaps he bent it the wrong way or something. At least we avoided an ER visit, once again!

photos by Grandma Gertie, once again!


Harajuku Girl said...

Aww that is awesome he gets out there too, I am sure it makes sitting on the side lines with him that much more exciting too =)

You can still lay on your tummy...I envy you. I still try, as much as I can at least. not flat on my tummy of course, but as far over as I can get right now.. it gets harder and harder as the weeks progress..

Kristie said...

Is DJ still complaining about his foot... I didn't notice yesterday.... but i heard Peyton showing off an ouchie ~lmao~

We TIED today.....