Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Going uphill...

On Sunday we drove the 45-minute trek up to Apple Hill, complete with no-nap kids and congested/plugged up me! We usually like to go right about this time, and before the crowds try to cram their way through the winding roads and do the touristy thing. We didn't leave Sacramento until about 12:30, so we were on a mission. (Elevation level rising + my plugged up ears = NOT A PLEASANT FEELING.) We've been hitting about 3 or 4 orchards these last few years as we seem to keep going to where we like it the best. Our first stop was High Hill Ranch - always a favorite stop for long time Apple Hill-goers. Lots of attraction here with the trout pond, hay rides, crafters/vendors, restaurant, cider mill, the pies for sale, as well as all the other apple delicacies to be consumed. The weather was superb for spending time outdoors. Our purchases here include: a caramel apple for me, a dozen assorted apple donuts for the kids (3 of which were consumed on the spot), a hamburger for Rudy (pfft?!?), as well as the milk to wash it all down with.
Can you see the trout in the pond?
Look to the left above Dominic's head.

Donut consumption, at its best.

Our next visit was to Plubell's Family Orchard, which we stumbled into a few years ago and it's one of my favorites today. They have young farm animals to view, a play area for the kids, a nature trail and a great amount of pumpkins - good lookin' ones! They display them amongst corn stalked pathways and it's always very picturesque (er, Kodak-momenty?)... provided you've got willing subjects to sit still (or sit on a pumpkin) for just one photo. This is where we purchased a good-looking pumpkin for our front porch. Oh, and we got some golden delicious apples to bring home.

A Kodak moment? A willing subject?

Can we just this ONCE sit still for a photo?

The closest "Kodak moment" we got!

Pickin' the winner!

Final stop, for this trip, was Abel's Apple Acres. Another tourist-favorite. Luckily we got front parking lot availability and got to enjoy being not so far away from "Mini Pearl". Upon exiting our fine comfortable ride, the smell of garlic came over me and tickled my taste buds. The grill out back sold garlic fries...MMMMmmmm. Did I give in? Will I suffer the horrible abdominal pains I had on the 3 hour trip home from the Gilroy Garlic Festival we went to a few years back? Will garlic ever forgive me? Here, the boys enjoyed the cut-out scenes that every family vacation album contains, where you stick your head in the hole and "cheese". They had lots of pumpkins here too, although not so traditionally displayed. Purchases here include: a caramel apple for Dominic, apple juice for Rudy and, ahem, I couldn't resist the garlic fries!!!! I survived! The other occupants in "Mini Pearl" however, were not too thrilled with the fragrant coughing spells I had on the way home. (I tried to mask it with citrus-flavored cough drops).

I think this is an apple?
The other side must be the pumpkin.

The kids have no clue what they're sticking their heads into!

Dominic enjoying the gourds.

Donovan enjoying his brother's apple.

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Harajuku Girl said...

LOL my word. I cannot get over Rudy and that backpack. It really makes him look like a kid. But then again, would the backpack really make a difference?

You got some great pics! I have been wanting to go, just wondering when we will?

Hey what is that pumpkin patch you went to last year with Benji and Kristie.. I think it was in Wilton?