Tuesday, October 9, 2007


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Today, I went over a hurdle. Just one more hurdle and I think I'll be smooth sailing.

It was a late night at the office, well, 20 minutes later than I'm normally there. But I HAD to confront THE BOSS on a couple things...my soon-to-be expanding waistline had to be discussed, as well as the reason my darned "illness" has lasted for nearly 3-weeks without immediate relief....YES, it was that time to tell him "the news". I had to tell him before I showed up one day in maternity clothes for lack of any other clothes fitting. I had to tell him now, since he was in a good mood, especially after chatting on the phone to a few buddies of his (and the reason I was there so late...he wouldn't get off the phone!) It had to be today...we were the last ones left at the office, besides Mocha the Labradoodle! No one else in the office knows! (except my good friend and coworker Terra - funny, I trust her to keep a secret?) Yep, this was it...Week 13...aren't I lucky?

I approached the Boss' office...President, Owner and CEO. Egads! Nah..wasn't that bad...what was I freaking out over? Well, first off, I scared him to bits entering his doorway as he thought that he and Mocha the Wonder Dog were the only ones there....

Me: "I'm afraid I'm going to need another maternity leave next year."
Boss: (sarcastically) "Oh. My. Gawd. Do you know what causes this?"
(as his hand slaps the desk and his head whiplashes back into his high-back leather chair)
Me: "That's EXACTLY the response I didn't want to hear!" (laughing)

Truly, he's an awesome guy. Total support all the way. "We will make adjustments as we've done in the past." He congratulated me and confided in my lack of meds. to help me through this cold bug I have (of which I believe I've passed onto him...Shhhh...he's blaming it on his blood pressure meds!)

Now, how do I tell the REST of the office? I really don't want to hear "the comments". But as The Boss shrugged his shoulders, "what can you do?"

Side note: Boss' birthday is April 8th. What are the chances this baby comes on that date? How about April 10th, which is my birthday? There might be some gambling going on at the end of this pregnancy...and it won't be the office Superbowl Pool! Betting on me???

The next hurdle, I think, is the big ultrasound done at approximately 20 weeks of gestation, which takes measurements of the baby, its parts and lack of "parts" thereof. This is where we find out the gender, if possible. But MOST importantly, it's a viewing of the "baby" that I finally get to see! Only THEN will it all seem real and the rest of the pregnancy will be shopping, shopping, shopping and some panicking, too! (Yes, mom, I do realize how "good" we have it. Thank goodness for technology and that I didn't have to go through those "way back when" moments. How could I survive? I guess I wouldn't know any better?) I have this big "hurdle" scheduled for November 19th. Let's hope this turkey cooperates!


Linda said...

Will the baby sales still be on after November 19th?

Harajuku Girl said...

Well, congrats. It sounds like the one thing you had been dreading went very smoothly. Nov 19 is the big day! I really hope it is a girl for the sake that this is the last bean to join the pot =). However, will be just as loved none the less..

I hate when everyone asks me if i was hoping for a girl or if I was bummed it was a another boy. Like what kind of questions is that? I am happy with whatever god gives me and am greatful and appreciative I can have children, I really want to go off on them, but I bite my tongue =)

So, I take it you are still not feeling any better =(?

LoveBugZ said...

I remember having to go through that before as well w/ the fear of telling the boss. SCARY! Glad it well for you!! I still hope you hold off until the 18th of April (sorry to do that to you but its my birthday)! Thanks for all your messages while I was sick - I am on the mend!