Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

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Happy Halloween! What a long day it's been. Dominic had a small party at school today and displayed his costume proudly in the "Parade of Costumes". I'm lucky to have Grandma Gertie nearby to snap photos for me, otherwise I would have never seen such a great group of kids. It was rather fun dropping him off at school this morning, seeing everyone in costume and having a great time. Dominic has done a lot preparing for this day. The October calendar in his classroom has constantly reminded him that the 31st is a special day. Throughout the month he has come home with numerous art projects, as well as having learned the ever-classic kid version of the "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet" diddy. Thanks classmates!
Dominic waiting to start crafting!

Sitting patiently with his buddies for the parade to begin!
(The "collar" on his costume drove me batty (as did him!) - It's supposed to be tucked under his costume,
but he always wore it outside. I wasn't sure if he looked like a Pharoah or a billy goat!)

The Party of Six came over to trick-or-treat in our hood, as theirs hasn't quite developed too many participants due to newly constructed homes and no residents within them! Our 'hood is certainly quite full of little ones running door to door. While Rudy (aka Mr. Gimpy these days) stayed home to greet 'treaters, the rest of us headed out to a few houses along the street and in cul-de-sacs. Some of the houses were decked out in fabulous displays. There were some talented pumpkin carvers out there and we were even distracted by a couple of costumed dogs and one very friendly cat! (Ironically, that's what Sydney, Peyton and Donovan were!) We had fun. The little ones tried so hard to keep up with Bianca and Dominic and we all scrambled through mobs of costumed kids at each door we went to. We eventually dropped off the tots back at home with the Dads and Kristie and I went out with the older two...I actually had to drag Dominic! Many of the homes went "lights out" after we arrived, so the kids got a lot of "bottom of the bowl" stash.
The attempted group shot...
(notice Peyton and Sydney weren't around)

Donovan runs to keep up with Bianca and Dominic
(leaving the other cousins behind)

They're not too far behind!

The carvings on these pumpkins were AMAZING!
(B and D were getting their candy, while Donovan waited near the garage)
It was obviously dark, and right about this time is when my battery died on my camera!

Another amazing carving we saw! Talented!

Next year's pumpkins are well on their way!
I found these while trying separate the seeds from the goop.

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