Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's the Great Pumpkin...

Gif Pumpkins Halloween Images

Who doesn't know about The Great Pumpkin? I think that is my all-time favorite Peanuts Classic. Why is it that when we were younger, we never missed the episode as it came on only once a year, yet now, you never know when it's on?

It was carving night...I had no choice. I got the pumpkins prepped last night for their cosmetic surgeries tonight (had some slight hemorrhaging already on one pumpkin). Dominic was quite anxious to carve the little pumpkin he got on his field trip to the pumpkin patch last week. I don't think I've carved one that small before, it was certainly the easiest!

Surprisingly, even Rudy got in on the operating table. He did a great job, I think! I, however, had a few mishaps with the knife and "The Cowboys" pumpkin has now been edited at the surgeon's discretion. Mind you, the epithelial layer of this guy was nearly 2-inches thick!!! (Hence the lettering's been hacked and the "highlights" for the star left undone.)

Dominic thought it'd be cute to decorate
this little decorative gourd.

Pretty cute, huh?

So, you get the idea? This guy was tough!

Dominic's little guy had some pre-op
spinal cord injury (his stem fell off). We hope he'll be okay.

Left in the dark!

After hanging up some cobwebs (really...I needed fake ones!) I think we're set for the ghosts, goblins and other little unidentified creatures to come knocking!

P.S. We had a dress rehearsal in the costumes tonight...Wowee...I've got one cute tiger cub and a mighty Power Ranger rarin' to go! Can't wait until tomorrow night!

P.S.S. Blogger is being a royal pain in my hiney tonight! I couldn't upload multiple pics at once and it, for some reason, doesn't want to post of picture of Dominic with his hands at work! Grrr! It better be good to me tomorrow night; I might not be able to sleep without getting my blog post in!


LoveBugZ said...

The Pumpkins turned out great! Did you see the Bronco's one on my blog? Too funny! Blogger has been acting up for me as well and it drives me insane.

Harajuku Girl said...

** I had issue posting pics to blogger lately too! ( just had to make mention of that first!.

Pumpkins looks great! Okay, so I did not realize Rudy was hurt that bad he needed crutches? LOL Poor guy did he trick or treat with them?

I love the great Pumpkin , in fact my Dad has the DVD and Andrew watched it quite a few times.. Next will be the Thanksgiving one, which If i am not mistake was already drug out ;).

Will get my pics and blog updated later this evening =)