Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some random weekend pics

We actually spent some time at home this weekend. Fun! I think I get more sick being at home...sick of looking at all the laundry to do, dishes to clean, meals to figure out, toys all over the place and constant yelling at the kids. I'm not a good voice means no harm. At times, I'm yelling at walls. Saturday was Game Day, a Costco run and Vinny's Birthday Party; Sunday was church and miscellaneous doings back at the homestead. It sort of felt good not having a crammed-packed weekend.

We have concluded that Dominic's "head" just isn't in the game.

Play along....multiple choice!
A. Donovan and Vinny are having a Staring Contest.
B. Donovan and Vinny are discussing the latest hairstyles.
C. Donovan is wishing his cousin a Happy Birthday!

Anyone have a cowlick right in the middle of your forehead?

Vincent goes for a stroll on his new Tonka
from Grandma and Papa Gertie.

Possible blog posts upcoming: Carving pumpkins, kids' costumes and Halloween night. Oh, and BABY UPDATE.....if there's any new news!


Harajuku Girl said...

Okay so "play along" C. is my answer. What a precious pic, they look so sweet and innocent. That was a good take!

Looks like your weekend slowed down a bit! That is good considering you have been so sick you poor thing. You forget that you still have all this running around to do even when you feel like crap. Unfortunately, motherhood does not stop when you are sick =(

I probably should not tell you Andrew's b-day and baby shower invites will be going out soon very soon =) ( within the week soon ) lol but luckily Andrew's b-day is at the end of Nov and the baby shower is the weekend after that. So, we have a ways to go. I am exhausted talking about that.

Cannot wait for your "possible" posts. Especially for Halloween =)

Linda said...

Is it pink or is it blue? Don't you all wish we knew too?