Friday, December 14, 2007

No Blood, Sweat OR Tears!

On Wednesday, Dominic came home with his first loose tooth! On Thursday, the tooth came home in an envelope from school. Wow, that was easy! I thought for sure the tooth would take a couple weeks to rot before it wanted out, but I guess with Dominic's vested interest in wiggling it and with the help of pretzels for snack, out it came! He actually bit down on it and spit it out in his hand knowing that was what it was. No blood, sweat or tears! Thank goodness. I'm not sure how I would handle those gross, gummy, bloody ones that take forever to fall out. For sure, I'm doomed for the next one.
Dominic went to bed that night with his tooth under his pillow. Rudy had put him to sleep (but of course Dominic insisted that I lay with him for awhile). I finished up some dishes in the sink and put him back to bed. We talked a little about his tooth and he showed me that he put it under his pillow...when...the tooth was gone, and there was MONEY from the Tooth Fairy!!!! What? How'd that happen? When did she come? Needless to say, Dominic was ecstatic and took even longer to get him to sleep for the night.

Notes to Ms. Fairy:
  1. Could you wait until the child is asleep at least??

  2. What are you thinking? THREE dollars for a tooth??? You know, I'm only trying to save you some money, but $3.00??? What happens now...are the next 19 teeth to fall out worth even more?

  3. What do you do with those teeth you collect anyway?

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Harajuku Girl said...

I have a lot of catching up to do.. I have my reading cut our for me between you and Kristie and the other blogs i stalk! Yikes.