Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A box of fun!

Dominic has been getting a lot of newsworthy blog posts lately. He's been quite entertaining since he's been out of school and staying with me for the rest of my maternity leave. This is it! Next week, he's outta here....and off to daycare with his brothers and cousins.

Dominic's favorite hangout this week has been inside a cardboard box. Whatever! Wish I had a box to hide in sometimes. I threw in some Devin pics just because he's so darn cute. Donovan's been a pill lately... he'll get his blog time later.

...he's even decorated it himself!
You know... gotta have that homely feel.

Sure, they get along just great.... for now!

"Hey mom, take this shot!"

Squeaky clean!


Amber S. said...

I remember playing in boxes as a little girl too, and I turned out norm... uhhh... well, I'll say a prayer for him! hehehe- kidding. Baby Devin is getting cuter by the day!

Joan said...

lol how creative that one is...

How do you manage to get around with Devin with no bib? Luke' soaks everything! lol

Kristie said...

Awe, great pics. I love how Dominic has made his own house... even if it's in a box.. and he's got pictures.... he's Mr Decorator... Hey speaking of... We have pictures hung too..

Devin is growing so fast, he's such a cute smiley boy... I want to kiss his cheeks... I need to see him.. it's been a week I think... What's up with that

The girls have been talking lots about Donovan... and can't seem to get enough of him... a million questions about him each morning and on the way home...

yesterday I told Peyton lets go home.. "NO, I'm still playing with Donovan..." I said didn't you play with him at school... "Yes, but I want more Donovan"

Guess next week I'll see the three guys when I drop the girls off... Are you ready?

LoveBugZ said...

He is too adorable! I love his eyes. Dominic is a genius with that box!!