Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I just don't get this "Pokemon" craze. We got Dominic the electronic Pokedex, which is a "rolodex" of all the characters with facts about them. I could sit there and scan through each one, but frankly, that thing has already annoyed us. I will first figure out how to turn the sound off! And this is only ONE of TWO electronic consoles he got.

We also got him a "trainer kit". I sat down with Dominic this afternoon and set out the game play area, dealt the "cards" and read the directions of how to play. Could any other game have more instructions? There's just WAY TOO MUCH information shown to figure out how one pokemon attacks another. It says to start with the "BASIC" mode of play - and that was over my head!

Baseball cards.... I can do that! Why couldn't he find interest in baseball cards???

Anyone with me? I think I need to spend more time at The Parents' Guide to Pokemon site.


Joan said...

lol - I remember my brother was into it. Never got it myself. And have you seen the show - Yikes!

Charity Donovan said...

Oh how funny...I remember thinking the same thing when my little brother (he's 20 years younger than me) went thru the Pokemon phase. TOO MUCH INFO...THANK YOU BUT NO! Thanks for reminding me that I will probably have 4 boys to be heading in that direction. I guess I better start checking out that darn website now! lol!