Friday, June 13, 2008

It's going swimmingly!

Dominic started his swim lessons this week. He is officially a "guppy". Donovan will start lessons in July with a parent in the "shrimp" class.

I was a bit nervous with Dominic's class, as it is the first time he's been in a swim class without me there with him! I was afraid of the lack of attention he'd give toward the instructor. I'm glad I waited until this summer to put him in this class, since he seems to have that structure down now. In past swim classes, he's resembled a human pogo-stick in the water and often refused to do what the instructor requested. He's catching on and doing quite well (for Dominic) in this class. Yeah! He has one more week of lessons left and he'll be a "graduated guppy"!

If Dominic is a Guppy
and Donovan is a Shrimp....
What am I? Shark bait?


Charity Donovan said...

Well he's the cutest shark bait I've ever seen!

LoveBugZ said...

What he called adorable!! I love your page layouts now -- they are all so cute.