Friday, June 20, 2008

Oops, he did it again!

We seem to be on a roll...this is Tooth #5! After losing #4, I asked Dominic if there were any more loose teeth (ya know, in case the tooth fairy needs to save up for gas!) and he showed me this one. At the time it wasn't very loose, but he wiggles the heck out of them. Lo and behold, this one came out just as easily as the other four. A little bloodier than the others, but considering this one was "knocked out" with a hammer, I see why!!! Yes, a hammer. Dominic was playing at his workbench with his tool belt on. I'm not sure how hammer met face, but he thought it was pretty funny!


LoveBugZ said...

We haven't lost a tooth yet. I know the day is coming though. I ask him all the time if they are wiggly and he says "no Mom" and giggles. I think he is excited for it to happen but unsure just the same because of the unknown!!

Charity Donovan said...

Holy Hammer! He earned that $ didn't he! lol! Boys will be boys...geesh...they are too much, but you gotta LOVE a little boy! Love the toothy grin! And OMG...Donovan is just too dang cute for words!!!