Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Thrift Store Friday!

As some of you may know, each family at Dominic's school is required to volunteer 48 hours of service time through the school year. We're already racking in the hours for the coming school year. Rudy finds pleasure in working at the SJV Thrift Store. (It's a numbers thing.) I'm afraid each time he volunteers to work that he'll come home with some piece of junk that we don't need laying around the house. Last time it was more flashlights! We don't need flashlights. Rudy must get about 3 of them EACH after-Christmas sale each year. He has a fetish.

Anyhow, along with some Corning/Pyrex cookware (mainly for his mom) he got something for Dominic....

It may be 90 degrees outside,
but it's even hotter on a flannel blanket!
...and yes, I prewashed it before I let them have it.

And, Dominic spent a good portion of the day in his box. Folks, the air quality here is very smoky, due to many wild fires burning in Northern California. It's been nearly a week of unhealthy air and we're cooped up indoors. I am so looking forward to nights with fresh air coming in the open windows, and days where the kids can go out and ride their bikes in the backyard, play with their squirt guns, run through the sprinklers, etc.

Here's what our Saturday looks like....yuk!

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Danielle said...

Oooh I love thrift stores. Sometimes you can find some good stuff!! I don't know about flashlights though... Hmmm...

I am so feeling you on the air thing. It's really starting to bug me! And I haven't been able to work out in FOREVER! Scott's been working so much overtime so I can't go to the gym, but I can't go to the bike trail cause I refuse to take Owen out in this. Ugh - what's a girl to do?