Monday, June 9, 2008

A Poke-Party

I'm Poke- partied out! What a blast we had... I think? After a busy Friday and Saturday preparing BBQ Pulled Pork for sandwiches and making cupcakes, by Sunday's end we were whooped. The boys slept great last night after all that sun and fun. After we got home, Dominic pretty much opened all of his Pokemon stuff and consistently plays with his electronic game that he got. He luckily got no duplicates and is beyond tickled with each gift.

We hope everyone else had a great time too. Once again, Grandma Gertie and Tio Phil outdid themselves with the photography. I managed to take.....SIX! I did shoot a little bit of video too. I look forward to seeing other pictures as well (Kristie!!).

Donovan kept track of the sports equipment, since Dad couldn't!

Vinny, the Nature Boy Wonder


Paulina, Gilda holding Addison, Amanda and Donovan

Cousin Amanda with Donovan

Amanda and Ana

Silly Peyton (Sydney was out "taking care of business" at this time)

"Married....with Children"
(...that's all that I could think of!)

The Three Amigos: Alonzo, Garrett and Dominic

Dominic takes a whack.

Ana releases the 15 lbs. of pinata filling.

Thrilled to bits!

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LoveBugZ said...

Cuteness runs in your family. You have adorable boys and girls all around you. I am seriously ok then WHAM baby fever as soon as I see your precious little man.