Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't let that curl fall to the ground!

needing some text in the yellow, but still cute!

Yes, I had to do it! There's just some magnetism to his hair. The girls have their fingers in it all the time; Donovan rubs his nose in it; food gets stuck in it... it reminds me of Bill Murray or Michael Keaton. Can you say "Beetlejuice"? Sure, it's just adorable right out of the bath, but the end of the day was a bit gross. So, nothing major, no tears shed by me OR Devin. He was content with his fire engine chair and was well behaved for his first "haircut". We even got a few curls to bring home with us!

Big brothers got their hair cut too!

... then we took a stroll in the park.

Taking a break. This walking stuff is tiring!

The best part of the entire day...

... had to have a first Tootsie-Pop to go with the first haircut.


Photos and Tootsie-Pops provided by Grandma!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Awww! His haircut looks so cute! My boys' favorite part about haircuts is the suckers too!

D said...

I was going to write the same thing Kelli wrote... it looks so cute! Where'd you get his hair cut? We may have to get Owen's hair cut in the next... oh... year or so, so I better start lining the place up! LOL!