Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Slip n' Slidin' Sunday

We were worn out from Dominic's party on Saturday, but decided to keep it going over at Party of Six's house the next day - after a sleepover with Bianca, a waffle breakfast, church at noon and gift card spending at Target and Toys R Us, plus a few other brief errands before getting there.

Dominic got a Spiderman Slip n' Slide from Uncle Chris and Family, oh, a birthday or two ago, and we had stored it in the closet until someone's perfect turf came along. So we took it over to Ben, Kristie and the girls' house for some backyard fun. Devin ate Cheerios and Donovan rode in pink cars and fed his "baby" instead of getting wet. Perhaps he was the smart one?

Thanks for having us over guys! The burgers were cheesy goodness and the margaritas made by Rudy were yummy. When shall we do it again?

This is Donovan after Saturday's party. OUT!

Kallie, the psycho-soccer playing wonder dog.
Really, she "sees" things that us, humans, can't see with the naked eye.

Sydney, stepping up in the world.

Love this. Donovan, striking a pose; Peyton having second thoughts; and Dominic in the back waiting for an "all clear".

Landing gear UP or DOWN?

Bianca shows perfect form in her slide.

Sydney gets some help, with her take off AND landing.

A game of Hungry Hippos???

Always concerned, Donovan makes sure everyone is well fed.

Like rubber and glue, these two.

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Cute pics! I love the one of Donovan feeding the baby! So sweet!